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New shoes!

Only £39.99 from Clarkes. Who woulda thunk it.

They seem to be going for the whole 'upselling' thing and tried to get me to buy a matching handbag.

I really don't do handbags, about which the sales assistant was incredulous.

My mother has a handbag. I do not.

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Shiny. :)

There's a hell of a lot of upselling going on at the moment - all the high street shops are doing it, and last time I was in Zavvi before it closed, the chap behind the counter pretty much tried to sell me his first born!

Nice! Might write about those for shoewawa actually... Another of shiny's blogs

Ooh cool. Gala Darling would prolly wanna know about that blog.

WOW, I got VERY similar shoes three days ago, except they're all black & costed more. Still, cutest shoes I've ever owned.

They had all black ones at this shop too - probably the same shoes!

(Deleted comment)
They do look very ugly to me too. It must be a taste thing. I do nom a good satchel though.

ooh I likey! I'm about due to start trawling the internet for new shoes and boots now it's getting cooler.

I'm not much good with handbags, prefer messsenger bags as they leave my hands free.

So *cute*!!

I have 1 largish handbag that fits a bunch of stuff and is not cute, it's pretty plain and androgenous, because if I use a girly one the Boy refuses to carry it, even if it is containing stuff for him!

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