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Witches are good
It's been ages since I've been to see a band, but I went to see one last night, Witches, at The Dublin Castle in Camden.

Colour me all sorts of impressed. They are exactly the sort of music I like, reminding me much of quintessential NZ guitar bands like of The Bats, The Verlaines and Snapper, with occassional moments of The D4. All with added glockenspeil, trumpet and maraccas :D

Highly recommend you listen to some, especially if your name is matariki, mahurangi, maxinemogadon, von_da_bra...

Also they let you buy their CDs in Euros if you're too lazy to get your money changed after a Paris holiday, and have been carrying it around in your wallet for weeks.

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Great pictures you did with sahra_patroness by the way. He's a rather good photographer.

I sent you a link to Toxicara's net model profile via MySpace BTW.

Thanks and yes, seriously impressed with Roman Skyva. I like the way he can make even the most outlandish scene appear 'real'.

Sounds interesting! :)

the verlaines! at the guitarists pauls wedding was i, oh yes.

I'll have to take you out to see Witches sometime then!

i know not of these beasts, teach me great lord.

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