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Proper website, the magic of it
Filament magazine website now live.

Currently lacking useful stuff like a way to order, as well as many digital marketing ideas contributed by Interactive Mix, but it should really move things along that there is one. In short, I'm pleased as punch.

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Oh yes that's a really good idea - was going to do and forgot!

Sweet. All the links work - easy to manage layout.

Well done!

Can you grab me next time you're on gmail? There's a couple of things I'd like to talk to you about :)

Much of what I said previously still applies. Of that, the most important is that the javascript that comes with the page is 40% of the total front page hit size and doesn't appear to be doing anything. If your press releases, SOE and advertising pushes result in a few 10,000 page view days, that's going to start to add up. (Unless your web hosting deal buys you 100Gb of traffic per month. In which case, don't sweat it :-)

This is true.

Someone's working on the horizontal scrolling on small screen sizes.

The only javascript on the site is the email entry thingees and something that makes the images display correctly in IE6, and apparently can't be minified further. It possibly doesn't appear to do anything because you're using a proper bloody web browser? ;)

Your comment about text size also appreciated and agreed with. It's something I'm thinking about but there are flow-on issues in terms of what displays on the same line, that I need to consider.

It's a paid-for host. I guessed at traffic of approx 400,000/month (from memory) going by what a possibly similar site say they get (of course it's probably exaggerated a good 25% for advertisers) but I'm not sure if it will handle 10,000/day. I'm oddly afraid of considering such possibilities because it seems stupidly optimistic, but you're right, I should get my head out of the sand.

With regards to the javascript, you definitely don't need 300k of AJAX library (curiously marked as the 'debug' version), just to persuade IE6 to display transparent PNGs properly. It's not actually minified, but it is served compressed, if the client supports that, and most browsers do. So it only adds up to 90k. But that's still a lot to solve a couple of simple problems.

If it turns out to be too hard to kick the Microsoft libraries into being more light weight, have your web designer look into using jquery, instead. They're in for a treat.

Now, traffic costs.

The problem you'll find is that that same economic forces that enable spammers to send 10 million messages just to reel in ten suckers is the same that means clicking a link costs very little to a user beyond the 30 seconds or so it takes them to open at tab, scan the content and close the tab. This means that if some site with a high readership (BoingBoing, metafilter; you know the kind) happens to link to you, you really can get page hits on the order of the thousands to tens of thousands in a day. This just happens, if your promotion strategies are working. Unfortunately that probably won't translate into a proportionate number of subscriptions.

The pragmatic approach is to make sure that your hosting service can cope with serving up a lot of hits in one go (ie random twitter celeb links to Filament, 500 people all click the link at once), and the costs of running over the cap aren't particularly horrible, so if you get a couple of 10k days a month, it won't break the bank.

And, of course, make that initial page hit nice and small. definitely don't need 300k of AJAX library (curiously marked as the 'debug' version), just to persuade IE6 to display transparent PNGs properly.

My recommendation there would be IE PNG Fix.

Very nice, crisp, simple, attractive but ambient imagery and lots of lovely body text for the crawlers to pick up on. Also, all the right information for someone new to the magazine.

A few queries and nit-picks...

- There a few too many font sizes on the front page, so it looks a little chaotic. In particular I'd move the "72 pages..." sub down towards the text below, and away from the menu bar, as they're clashing.

- Have you considered using a different font for body text? I'm not sure Arial works in conjunction with your title font.

- The ticks and crosses don't look like they go together - maybe use bullet points (possibly in a dark shade of the background colour to pull them into the page a bit).

- Possibly put the 'thinking woman's crumpet' slogan in the page titles, good for SEO.

- Also, what keywords are you using? They're not massively relevant to search these days, but it does add up.

- Oh, and post an email address for advertisers in addition to the box. Potential advertisers may not want to get in touch straight away, but take down an email address for later use.

Bloody gorgeous website, that.

So, is postage to NZ going to kill?


Oh gawd, postage is such an issue! I'm hoping not. I'm working on the weight of the thing in all sorts of creative ways to try and get it as light as possible. Probably something in the region of £2.50-4 though. Not great, but will ensure it is as good as I can get it because I personally get very annoyed with unnecessarily inflated shipping.

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