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Left-wing comedy and tiny books
Suprised Squirrels last night by making him turn up at Clapham Junction. We went out for dinner then to see Jeremy Hardy at Battersea Arts Centre. Jeremy Hardy is a left-wing comic that we both like. So you know, lots of moaning. Which is what I came for England for innit.

Never been to the Battersea Arts Centre before. It's very nice in a slightly crusty but obviously much loved sort of way.

Currently reading: In the aeroplane over the sea, a 33⅓ book by Kim Cooper, which tells the story of how the awesome Neutral Milk Hotel album came to be.

It's also very small. I like very small books, that I can fit in my pocket. Very small book recommendations gratefully received.

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Two from that series: Black Sabbath's Masters of Reality and Celine Dion's Let's Talk About Love.

The first one is told from the point of few of a teenager in a mental institution in the 1980s, writing in his diary that he knows the wardens are reading, trying to convince them that they should give him back his walkman, and his tape of this album. Also, it's written by John Darnielle.

The second one I haven't actually read, but it is, I understand, an unpicking of taste and whether disliking Celine Dion is innate or learned :) And what it it about her that makes people who dislike dislike her so much. Also, Celebrity Endorsement!

(I appreciate that you've probably seen these)

The last great small book I read is A Grief Observed, by CS Lewis, which is just a tiny book of him writing immediately after his wife died (in 1960! I keep forgetting that he's so recent) about what he's going through. You would have to be not entirely allergic to some God-talk, but even despite that, there's some striking thoughts that I've never seen anywhere else. Haha I've just found out that it was released initially under a pseudonym, and then later under his own name so as to stop people buying it for him as a present.

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Oh! I've never been to the BAC before either. Not even when i lived just off Lavender Hill, because i'm a useless shite! As for very small books, well there are all those Penguin 60s and 70s, but they are excerpts rather than lovely little short stories in small format. I'm reading a kids' book called Wolf and it's not teeny-tiny but it is pretty small.

Actually that's not the same edition as mine so i've no idea if that'd be small or not. Kids' books generally tend to be quite small though don't they but i suppose you have to be in the right mood whatever kind of book you choose.

Jeremy Hardy is one of my favourite comedians - I'm glad he's currently getting a bit more exposure than he was.

I think he may live round here somewhere as well.

He kept on going on about living in Stretham, but maybe that's a diversion to avoid crazy fans.

very small books reccommendations:

I like Les Murray's "Poems the size of photographs" and Bill Direen's "Enclosures"

K and I went to see Jeremy H in Nottingham a few months ago and thought he was brill. Did you see him on QI t'other day?

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