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LJ is boring on Fridays
Ask me a question.

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Given a choice of anything, what would you put a donk on, and why?

On a table or desk of some description. Because you're not allowed to in New Zealand because it's culturally insensitive, so I like to take the opportunity to do it here. In fact I regularly do so.

Given that my investigations into the previous two comments have revealed to me the existance of scouse house of unsurpassed cheesiness, what can you do to allievate the resulting brain scarring?

Can you sing? If yes, what style?

Oh good god no, but I do love to sing hymns, folk music and bedwetting indie songs.

Are you coming to the pub crawl a week tomorrow?

(and yes - agreed on Friday PMs being BORING. Want to get to Oxford and play BASS!). xx

I was really keen actually but a friend's birthday in Notts that night so can't :( Thanks for invite though!

Yay for bass!

Ah poo. Oh well. Next time!

Yay indeed - have a new one to try out today which is a million times better! I do love Martin and his vast collection of good quality musical instruments, sitting there waiting to be played...x

Can you tell me my future?

Sure. Choose a number between 7 and 14.

(Deleted comment)
No I don't, but that sounds very entertaining!

what are your plans (if any) for Val day?

Being in bed with a cold :(

Also giving Squirrels cheesy card and present!

(Deleted comment)
I'm not sure anyone is entitled to anything particularly much, it's more a matter of what we can reasonably have given the societal circumstances.

It does tend to get used as a reason why people should be able to do or acquire things that society and public life can't really accommodate sustainably (eg, own as many houses as they like etc), which is why I think it might not be a useful place to start one's philosophy - it seems to encourage people to think they have more right to impeding other people's quality of life because the economic system allows it.

Where is a mouse when it spins...?

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