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New Zealand-based folks...
Can anyone tell me what one tends to pay for 'import' magazines these days, either in stores, or if you happen to subscribe to something that comes to you internationally, what it is and what you're paying for it, including P&P?


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i get sight & sound from the shop every month - the airlift copy is close to $20, and i pay $15 for the sea-mail copy, which means i get it 6-8 weeks after it comes out in the UK. cover price is 4 quid. (it's probably cheaper to subscribe, i should look into it.)

Oh cheers. I thought that might be the case. I'm having trouble getting my costs for magazine + airmail to NZ for under $NZ25, which is a bit of a bother!

I guess it's a darn sight better to be $NZ25-30 rather than the likes of Coilhouse which'd set one back $NZ50 incl P&P.

I think for second and subsequent issues, depending on what sort of order volumes I get from various parts of the world, I can see if I can save people $ by having 1000 or so printed and posted out locally.

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